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    Have you ever wondered if God is around?

    Join the author as she experiences God’s presence in West Africa throughout   

    many challenging and life-threatening circumstances.

    Discover . . .

        ... how people live in West Africa – with 50 photos!
        ... the challenges missionaries face in another country 
        ... how God helps people through difficult circumstances 

    Comments from readers:

        ... a great book, well written, and fascinating!
                   - Lucile Wright, retired teacher, Lancaster, PA

        ... I liked the graphic details of the challenges that confronted you.    
                   - Randy Ball, machine operator, Dover, PA

        ... very informative, flows well, gives personal insights, feelings, perceptions, 
            and a good descriptive picture of missionary life and service. 
                   - Shirley Schaus, former missionary, Bellflower, CA

    Sample:  Life in a Remote African Village  (chapter 3, pp.19-23)        Order Form