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Matthew                Mark    

Luke                      John          Acts                       Romans
1 Corinthians         2 Corinthians  
Galatians               Ephesians    
Philippians            Colossians
1 Thessalonians     2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy                2 Timothy   

Titus                        Philemon    

Hebrews                 James       
1 Peter                    2 Peter    
1 John     2 John     3 John      Jude                        Revelation    

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CLEAR, CONCISE, PRACTICAL describes The Better Life Bible,          
a new translation of the New Testament, geared to people with                     
a busy lifestyle and limited time to read and study the Bible.  
If you fall into any of the following categories,
The Better Life Bible        
may be just what you’re looking for:                                                        
I work a lot of hours    
I rarely attend church    
I don’t take the time to read footnotes                                                             
I’ve learned English as a second language  
I rarely read books, magazines or newspapers 
I’m embarrassed to ask others about terms I don’t understand  
I don’t have Bible study resources such as a Bible Commentary                                            
The Better Life Bible (New Testament) - zipped (3.8MB) 

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The New Testament in a Nutshell